The Inimitable Polly Wales

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     The first time you see a piece of jewelry by designer Polly Wales you will feel like you discovered a hidden treasure. Her creations, that consist of colorful gemstones melting into rich gold, invoke a certain longing inside… the longing to carry with you a piece of magic everyday. No matter where you are, no matter how long a day you’ve had, looking down at your hand and seeing a Polly Wales ring on your finger will no doubt refill you with a sense of joy and inspiration.

     Born in London, Polly Wales was drawn to art at a young age and went to University to study sculpture. This lead her down a path of making wearable sculptures to returning to school to study Jewelry Design. The combination of classic training paired with Polly’s imagination and resistance to structure inspired her signature “cast-not-set” process. A process that results in completely one-of-a-kind jewelry that stands out from everything else in the industry.

     Each precious gemstone is cast directly into gold and can slightly move or be covered by the gold in process. This is what makes every piece one-of-a-kind, even when a design is replicated.

      The designer founded Polly Wales Fine Jewelry in 2011 and works out of her LA based studio with a team of dedicated wax sculptures and bench jewelers. Every process is overseen in-house and given unparalleled care and craftsmanship to ensure that each and every piece of jewelry meets the expectation of the brand.

     Not only does Polly Wales and her team make the world a more beautiful place through the jewelry they make, they also make sure to minimize their impact on the environment by using recycled 18k gold and ethically sourced gemstones.


Join us the weekend of October 26 & 27th for a Trunk Show featuring the full collection of designs by Polly Wales.

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